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African Sunsets Watch Face

0.99 usd

African Sunsets watch face offers a selection of nine different african sunsets scenarios. The animated effect of sunlight is amazing, it feels like watching a real sunset.There are two selectable modes: * fluid movement of the sun* battery saving.
In the first mode, with an higher battery draining, the sun is the seconds indicator and moving it creates an amazing sunset sunlight effect. In the battery-saving mode, the watch face is updated only once a minute and the sun approaches its actual position in the sky.
The watch face is interactive, touching it is possible to change the date format under the time indicator.
In "ambient mode" the watch face offers a stylized image of the Egyptian pyramids at sunset.
Configure the watch face both from your smartphone and your watch.
This watch face is compatible with both round and square watch.
Supports 12 and 24 hours format.
Available faces:
* Baobab* Birds* Buffalo* Cranes flight* Elephant* Lion* Rhino* Lemur* Gorilla